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rami feller

Rami Feller


The Secret Success of Rami Feller


One of the world's leading cellular stockmarket today would be the RCS. RCS is known better as the Rampal Cellular Stockmarket and that this is considered as one of the leading companies today in trading and in global distribution and that this also continues to branch out more towards various areas. This company have been founded in the year 1995 by Rami Feller and that this company was one of the very first company to launch the mobile phone trade industry and continued to expand and became a major leader in international trade. This started because of the firm's ground-breaking online platform for tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras and other kinds of portable electronics and then the company moved to RCS Solar which is likewise one of the leading distributor for PV panels and in inverters and moved to RCS Lighting that's an international trader for all the major LED lighting accessories and lighting products.


The RCS lighting in fact provides full brokerage services and the process of locating stocks which are cheapest to give guarantees for quick delivery and handling all legal and tax import/export requirements. The LED market now became global due to the fact that RCS lighting is now operating globally in sixteen different languages and now have branches from 6 countries and that they also have 68 contacts.


Rami Feller is also known as a jewish hassidic music artist, and released two singles to the internet which can be found on his Bandcamp profile and on his Youtube account


RCS actually have started their first year in 1995 in importing phone accessories for consumers, distributors and chain stores all across Israel. After two year, they have recognized one new niche for Rampal to actually enter which is in the B2B international trade and in the year 2000, RCS was then considered to be a major player which was aided by an innovative web platform which was started by Rami Feller itself and generating millions of dollars for turnover through Rampal Cellular Stockmarket. This day, RCS now became synonymous with a successful international trade. In this industry, RCS then pioneered and likewise continued to become a global leader of B2B commerce which in fact had a global reach while the process of taking a conservative approach in trading.


The RCS company also have developed highly sophisticated trading floors which is made up of traders that are experienced and are actually the ones which do the maintenance of relationships with 3,000 traders, operators, distributors as well as wholesalers for mobile electronics in hundreds of countries. Such infrastructure actually have made RCS in sourcing and closing deals on the best prices made in the fastest time possible and this also resulted to virtually optimizing use for RCS on the process of working with their capital. This in fact is the reason as to why RCS now have obtained a competitive edge and that it also continued to become a world leader in this kind of industry today. Visit this Rami Feller's Twiiter account.

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